Send Us Your FilesIf you have files that you need to send us so we can print them you have four options available for delivering your media to Watkins:

  • In-person Delivery: Bring your CD, DVD, camera memory card, flash drive, or any other standard storage device into Watkins and we can retrieve the content from the device for you.
  • Email: If your file is 10MB or smaller and you would like to email your file to Watkins, please visit our email instructions page.
  • Web/Browser-based Upload: If you would like to use your browser to upload a file to Watkins, please use the provided form. The File needs to be smaller than 30MB to use this service
  • FTP: If you would like to use our secure FTP utility to send us your to Watkins, please visit our FTP Instructions page. The FTP service will allow large files to be sent to Watkins over a secure network. (We have had files as large as 300MB sent using this service)