Direct MailingWatkins Printing offers a full-service mailing and distribution system to compliment your printing and advertising efforts. Our mailing service is an easy and affordable way to professionally mail all kinds of printed media such as brochures, postcards, greeting cards, booklets, catalogs, newsletters, and more.


Our mailing service completes the one-stop shopping solution for your printing and mailing needs, and offers the following benefits:


  • List & Database Management

    Watkins Printing can manage your distribution list for you. We offer list and database management services that include address standardization, duplicate address removal, targeted mailing lists, and more for confidence in reaching your audience.
  • Direct Mailing

    Watkins Printing offers cost-efficient advertising, marketing, billing, and publishing through our complete mailing service. You'll save money on your advertising efforts by having Watkins Printing do the mailing for you.
  • List Certification

    We offer CASS and PAVE certified lists.
  • Discounts

    Automation rates for postal discounts
  • Mailpiece Design

    Watkins Printing employs a complete staff of graphic designers with experience in creating visually appealing and effective direct mailing pieces. Use our graphic designers to create the kind of mailing piece you're looking for.


Variable DataAs part of our Mailing service we can incorporate variable data in the mailing. Variable Data allows you the ability to vary the information on your printed products. This allows each piece to unique or custom for each customer. With this ability you can have postcards, letters, or any number of products printed with information that is specific to each individual.

Information such as names, addresses, a unique message, and more can be printed on each piece. It also allows you to have numbers printed that are sequential for things such as tickets or forms. Variable Data allows you to connect more personally with your customers. Customers are more likely to see and respond if the materials they receive are personalized to them. All of these abilities come in handy especially when you have a large list of individuals with whom you wish to send information to.

Benefits of using Variable Data include

  • Attract more attention
  • Increase document impact
  • Increase response back
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce costs
  • Customize to a target market