Many of the templates and designs we have provided on our website have the same standard colors.


If you use one of the graphics on your own design and want to match text or background colors with that graphic you can use the chart below.


We have provided the color and the corresponding hex number that defines the color.


To use the hex number  in the designer you can click on a "color" box and at the top of the color picker there is a spot to type in the 6 digit hex code. (ONLY USE THE THE LAST 6 DIGITS IN THE REFERENCE TABLE BELOW. THE FIRST 2 DIGITS ARE TO MATCH WITH THE CORRESPONDING COLOR TO THE LEFT OF THE HEX NUMBER)


01 - FFE55E06 - E6277811 - 005BAA16 - 5E6B76
02 - F68D7507 - 9451A012 - 009ADE17 - 361A0E
03 - F48D9608 - 61307B13 - 00AEB518 - F6E6D0
04 - EE293609 - 4D348F14 - 56C2B419 - FFFFFF
05 - EF456B10 - 2B477D15 - 62BD5E20 - 231F20


We also have a few Christmas themed cards and listed below are the colors and corresponding Hex Numbers for them.


Red ColorRed - A83240GreenGreen - 1C462FTanTan - EBD4B5BlueBlue - 213768
Light BlueLight
Blue - A7B1c6