Announcements - Foldable Center Gate (1 sided)
  • Foldable Cards come Flat, Scored, Ready to Fold
  • High Quality Full Color Digital Printing

Announcements, cards, and invitations for any event!

Baby ShowerBaptismBirthday
Bridal ShowerChristeningChristmas
Thank YouVow RenewalWedding
New Year

Price Calculator

  • Uncoated -- rough/natural; for writing on, more comfortable for reading for long periods
  • Coated Dull -- smooth, dull, non-reflective; sharper image, vivid detail
  • Coated Gloss -- smooth, shiny, reflective; sharper image, vivid detail
  • Coated Pearl -- smooth; metallic elegance, soft image
  • Smooth -- flat, smooth surface
  • Felt -- textured, has small bumps
  • Ribbed -- textured, small, thin raised lines in one direction on paper
  • Linen -- textured, resembles linen cloth, small, thin raised lines in both directions on paper
BondBook/TextCover/CardstockThickness (inches)
typically used in home printers and copy machinestypically used for books, flyers, etc.typically used for greeting cards, recipe cards, business cards, posters, etc. 
20#50# (light weight) .0038
 60# (light weight) .0048
 70# (medium weight) .0058
 80# (medium weight) .0061
 100# (heavy weight) .0073
  80# (light weight).0092
  90# (light weight).0094
  100# (medium weight).0113
  11pt C1S - coated only on one side (heavy weight).0110
  120# (heavy weight).0133
  130# (extra heavy).0153

White paper is available in most options. Printing a colored background on white paper is most cost effective.

Colored paper is only offered in the following options:

CreamUncoatedSmoothLight Weight Cover (80#)
CreamUncoatedRibbedLight Weight Cover (90#)
CreamUncoatedFeltMedium Weight Cover (100#)
IceCoated PearlSmoothPearl Cover - Heavy Weight (110#)


These envelopes are blank. If you want printed envelopes, go to "Printed Envelopes and Liners" on the menu on the left side of the page.

  • If ordering more than one product, you only need choose a proof from one of them, and it will cover the entire order. We will provide a proof for all products ordered if one proof is chosen.
  • We strongly suggest viewing a hard copy proof, especially if you are worried about color. Colors on your monitor may not be representative of the printed product. The monitor uses a resolution of 72 dpi and is RGB based, while printing uses 300 dpi and is CMYK based. The colors on the monitor are brighter than they will appear when they print. To see true color representation, you will need to see a printed hard copy proof.
  • Proofing adds turnaround time to your order depending on delivery method.
  • If you request a proof, we must receive your approval (in person, by phone, or email) to complete the printing process.
  • If you need to make changes to your order and require another hard copy proof, another business day will be added to your time frame, and you will be charged accordingly with the balance payment due at order pick up.
  • If you do not request a hard copy proof, placement of your order gives us permission to print without going through our proofing department.
  • Mailed proofs are sent using United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class Mail.
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