• 24"x24"



If your file is not set up correctly, you risk affecting the quality of your printed product. Please make sure the following are met before uploading:

  • Dimensions - at least as big as the actual size you are having printed
    • For wrapped canvas in all sizes EXCEPT 20"x30", 30"x30", and 30"x40", add 1 1/4" on all sides to finished size for wrapping around frame. For 20"x30", 30"x30", and 30"x40", add 1 3/4" on all sides.
    • For mirror, black, or white wrap, it just needs to be the finished size. We'll take care of the rest. (Pictures that have people within 1 3/4" of the edges do not mirror wrap well.)
    • For color wrap, please have the sides the color you want.
  • Resolution - at least 300 dpi
  • Colors - CMYK; not RGB
  • File Size - no larger than 50mb
  • Pdf or jpg files are preferred
  • We also accept .png, .zip, and .psd file formats
Please upload jpg,jpeg,gif,png,eps,ai,pdf,zip,tar,rar,cdr,psd images only File should not be larger than 50MB in size.
Some uploaded files can not be previewed in the system.
Example: .psd will upload and we can use it but a preview or example will not be created in the system.