Business Cards (1 sided) - Special Promotion
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Coated Gloss -- smooth, shiny, reflective; sharper image, vivid detail

Smooth -- flat, smooth surface

BondBook/TextCover/CardstockThickness (inches)
typically used in home printers and copy machinestypically used for books, flyers, etc.typically used for greeting cards, recipe cards, business cards, posters, etc. 
20#50# (light weight) .0038
 60# (light weight) .0048
 70# (medium weight) .0058
 80# (medium weight) .0061
 100# (heavy weight) .0073
  80# (light weight).0092
  90# (light weight).0094
  100# (medium weight).0113
  11pt C1S - coated only on one side (heavy weight).0110
  120# (heavy weight).0133
  130# (extra heavy).0153

Only white paper is available for this card.

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